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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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The BWF characters finally get rewarded for their efforts:







The award winners in all their glory... well, sort of.

Best Wrestler: Ho Chi Minh
There will be a controversy around this decision, no doubt. "But he lost to Murorga Sim Bowa at Backyardmania" will be the main argument, but there are many reasons that Ho Chi Minh deserves this award, despite that fact.
The main reason for his gaining of this award is the amount of times he has held the BWF title.  He has held it thrice, which is more than Murorga (2) and the Escaped Convict (1).  He first held it for an unknown amount of time, as we never used to record BWF. He then lost it in our first recorded match to Murorga. He then won it back in a mermorable ladder match at "BWF Inside" off Murorga. He then lost it in a triple threat to the Escaped Convict (Murorga was the other competator) before winning it back a month later. He then lost it for the last time against Murorga in the main event of Backyardmania.
Another reason is that he has always been either BWF Champion or no.1 contendor. Here is a list of feuds for the BWF title:
Murorga Vs. Ho Chi
Ho Chi Vs. Convict
Ho Ci Vs. Murorga
Ho Chi is in all of them, unlike any other superstar.
He has also always been of top of his game, and has never been tricked or stabbed in the back. Not once was he out-smarted and if someone messed with him, he "made them pay"!
Best match: Murorga Sim Bowa Vs. Ho Chi Minh (Backyardmania, 2003)
This was not a close thing. The match excelled against all others that were put up against it. There has to be mention of Executioner Vs. The Escaped Convict and Escaped Convict Vs. Murorga Vs. Ho Chi, but neither man disappointed in what was, undoubtedly, thefinest in BWF entertainment today. A stunning show that pulled all the stops, nothing could beat this epic battle in what was the BWF's proudest moment.
Best Newcomer: Scorpion
In what was a truly remarkable year for the first ever masked man of BWF, Scorpion blew us all away with a huge veriaty of moves and tactics. He constantly pulled out all the stops to finish an opponent, and managed an Intercontinental title reign and a win at Backyardmania against the legendary Escaped Convict, Scorpion did not disappoint.  He has only the one loss and is now after Murorga Sim Bowa's belt. Keep your eye of this crafty young superstar, or you might get stung.
Most Hated Wrestler: Escaped Convict
Strangely enough, Escaped Convict probably will become the happiest man in the world when he gets this award.  His constant annoying interviews and insults to the fans and other superstars has left the crowds (*cough cough*) of BWF fans routing for his blood in every match, though his cheating often prevents it from being HIM who has the blood spilling, but rather, his opponent.  When one of your trademarked moves is a weapon shot, you're going to be hated, and you know what?  Escaped Convict just won't give a damn, because that's what he's like.
Oh, and a special mention for Goat Boy and the Commissioner in this catergory.
Biggest Upset: Goat Boy Vs. Murorga Sim Bowa (Ladder Splash Match, 2002)
In a match started when Murorga stole Goat Boy's goat, an interference by the Escaped Convict caused Murorga Sim Bowa to be splashed of the ladder by a cheating Goat Boy in order to cause what was, in no uncertain terms, an outrage.  When Murorga seemed to have the match won, he walked into the ladder.  Then, the Escaped convict came out a beat Murorga with a weapon, and helped Goat Boy up.  GFoat Boy the climbed the ladder, or as the Rock would say "Rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung by rung" and splashed Murorga.  Goat Boy and the Escaped Convict paid dearly.
Best Management Decision: The Training
For once, Commissioner Jim/Bob did something useful.  A very smart decision to get Ho Chi to train Eternal Darkness, the Escaped Convict to train Suicidal Tendencies and Murorga Sim Bowa to train Nelson Flash-Heart has made wrestling in the lower end of the BWF a lot more enjoyable.  We all enjoyed watching Nelson win the Hardcore title 7 times, Suicidal scab it off him, and Eternal Darkness get beaten.  Well done Commish!
Most Shocking Moment: Scorpion turning on his "friend" Murorga
We all remeber the scene: Murorga, having just beaten up the Escaped Convict in the defense of Scorpion, stood in the ring laughing, and Scorpion stood beghind with a chair, daring the Escaped Convict to "come get some more". When Murorga turned, it all went into slow motion.
One second, Scorpion was standing, side by side, with Murorga, his best friend, then he raised the chair, with a face like the Mona Lisa after Mr Bean has finished with it, and clunked it down on Murorga's head with a sickening "THWUNK" mixed with a harsh "CRACK", so it sounds more like a "CRUNK".  Murorga fell to the floor unconious and Scorpion left, laughing like a fish, I mean, mad man.


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