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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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MC Pain

Intercontinental Champion

SKibbin it skay!

Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 272 lbs
Hometown: South London, England
Finsher: Flash Magic (Shining Wizard)
Trademark: Jump spinning heel kick
Quote: Biggin' it bo!
Disposition: Face
Music: Can't Touch This (MC Hammer)
Titles Held: Intercontinental, European


Spinning heel kick
MC Pain takes to the air to execute a spinning heel kick

Facial pain
MC Pain itroduces his shoe to Escaped Convict's mouth

A short sharp kick to the head of Ho Chi Minh gives MC Pain the upperhand

All cheese intended in the massive rip-off of a kev.  His rapping and MCing are only outdone by his speed and amazing ability in the ring.  He has won the IC Title on many occasions and is one of BWF's most loved superstars.

Flash Magic
MC Pain flies through the air, delivering some Flash Magic to the head of Scorpian

Flash Magic
MC Pain hits Flash Magic onto a prone Phoenix


MC Pain:
I got no fear,
I shed no tear,
I got pain for ya,
I'll stick it in yo' ear.
Cummin at ya fast like grease lightnin',
I'm so good it's well frightnin',
I'll kick you in the head and it's 1, 2, 3,
You got no chance, I'm da garage MC!
This aint no game, time for messin is ova,
I'm dead lucky like a 4 leafed clova,
Jumping well high, rappin' well low,
I got three words for ya, BIGGIN' IT BO!