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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Eternal Darkness


Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 280 lbs
Hometown: Beneath the bottom of the ocean
Finsher: Satan's Wrath (Double-Arm DDT), Hell's Requiem (Pump Handle Drop)
Quote: <mumble mumble>
Disposition: Heel
Music: Liberali Fatali
Titles Held: Intercontinental, Hardcore


The Lord of the Underworld is relatively a newcomer to the BWF.  He had an undefeated streak which included an IC Title run.  Now he is one of the most feared superstars.

Satan's Wrath
Whiter T feels Satan's Wrath

Hell's Requiem
Eternal Darkness gives Goat Boy Hell's Requiem

A beastly brainbuster lands Goat Boy squarely on his head


Eternal Darkness: I <murmer> <murmer> in your <mumble> coz <mumble> is the time <murmer> <somthing>