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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Whiter T


Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 265 lbs
Hometown: Houston, Texas, USA
Finsher: Whiter Kick (Outside Crecent Kick), Scissors Kick, Whiteout (Bookend)
Quote: You messin' wid da 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time hardcore champion now can you dig that .................SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Disposition: Face
Music: Can You Dig It?
Titles Held: Hardcore

Whiter T is distantly related to Booker T.  He has the hair, the gloves, the moves, and the Whiteroonie, only difference is: he's white!  And thus you have your 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time hardcore champ.


Leg drop
An hellacious leg drop... maybe not

Scissor Kick
Whiter T exectues a scissor kick!

Whiter T drops a rookie with the Whiteout!

Scissor Kick
A perfect Scissor Kick from Whiter T destroys Eternal Darkness

White Out
Goat Boy gets caught in a White Out



Whiter T: Y' know that it's time suckas! It's time for the 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5, hardcore champion to kick some ass, now can you dig that SUCKAAAAAS!