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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Nelson FlashHeart


Height: 6'
Weight: 225 lbs
Hometown: A bar somwhere in the world
Finsher: Nelson Power Slamma Jamma (Samoan Drop), Pacifier (Fameasser), Bar Room Crossface (Crippler Crossface)
Trademark: Bar Room Brawl, the 5 Shots
Quote: Drink or Fight!
Disposition: Face
Music: Here Comes the Pain
Titles Held: Hardcore

A straight right levels Suicidal

Ex-hippy, now drunkard, this guy imitates Murorga Sim Bowa in every way he can.  The face shaking, Murorga's old music, even his Slamma Jamma is similar (only he drops them when they get onto his shoulders).  Only problem is that he lacks the one vital thing: talent.  Multiple time hardcore champ, this guy has more beer than brains.

Bar Room Crossface
The Bar Room Crossface assures victory for Nelson

Suicidal Tendencies gets Pacified


Nelson: Will you drink.....or fight?