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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Here are the wrestlers in the BWF in no particular order:


Murorga Sim Bowa - intense, freak of nature kinda face shaking man.  One of the biggest guys in the federation and he uses it to his advantage.


Ho Chi Minh - technical, slitty eyed, yellow, first ever BWF champion and has held the title multiple times!


Escaped Convict - chair weilding, blood letting, sadistical, ginger haired.


MC Pain - Skibbitin' skayin', flippin' it flayin', slick as grease, quick as geese, bombin' it bad MC from da depths of South London. (All cheese intended)


Goat Boy - evil kinda goaty person, looks derranged, acts even more derranged.  Friends with the Commissioner.  They have come up with the NuW and Commissioner's Army together.


Eternal Darkness - from the bottom of the ocean, stole name from popular gamecube game, dark and evil (except his hair, but oh well) hard as soft nails.


Dark Angel - Sinister being who is dedicated to destroying everyone he can.  Wears a lot of black, with trench coats and stuff.  You know the kind.


Whiter T - distant relation to WWE's Booker T, except...he's white! Other than that, it's all there, hair, gloves, eyes, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time hardcore champ!


Nelson FlashHeart - ex-hippy, beer swilling, Murorga Wannabe.


Pheonix - born again veteren of the ring, recent talent to the BWF.


Scorpion - ex-independant talent who has enjoyed recent sucess in the BWF and is rising quickly rankings. Now much hated since turning his back on former friend Murorga.


Suicdal Tendancies - son of legend Suicidal Tendancies Senior, crazy-ass, leaping, diving, rolling, missing wrestler of little wrestling talent, little brain, but much guts.


Cowboy - hardcore wrestler, specialises in brutally demolishing anybody in his way.


Ace Lightning - pants. Taken from WCW and not missed. Used as a sound man. Has many victories over fellow WCW talent Mutilator the Mutilator due to finisher "Multiple Pins".


Mutilator The Mutilator - came up with his own name. Undoubtedly the worst wrestler alive today, having lost to Ace Lightning.


Grandpa - Grandpa Team WCW members Ace and Mutilator found in a ditch.  Uses a "Power-wower" to make people disappear to Uzbekistan, which works, quite surprisingly.


BWF Champion: Escaped Convict


Intercontinental Champion: MC Pain


Hardcore Champion: Suicidal Tendencies