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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Team W.C.W.

Grandpa, Ace Lightning and Mutilator the Mutilator

O.K., normally we would give you stats. on the superstars at this point, but for Team W.C.W., we won't.  For the simple reason: it's lame.  Quite frankly, they're lame.  They're are the worst wrestlers ever, if you can call them wrestlers.  Ace and Mutilator are complete retards, and Grandpa, is, well... old.  Ace comes out to "I Believe in a Thing Called Love", and is the music man, and Mutialtor comes out to sexy boy.  Enough said about this lot: I'm feeling sick.
Finishers: Multiple pins, Superkick (misses on average by 12 feet) and Power-Wower/Running Murble (runs and hits head on the floor).
Sayings: Is everybody ready for the Mutilator?


Team W.C.W.: Yeah, listen to this, listen to this.  Shhhhhh.... Listen to this......... ok that's all I gotta say, you wanna say anything Mutilator?  YES! We've got lumps of it round the back.  Grandpa:  Vos?  Vos?  No, really, vos?