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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Things that the WWE have stolen from the BWF

Whiter T is a white version of Booker T.  WWE have taken this and made Mordecai, a white version of the Undertaker (in clothes rather than skin).

M.C. Pain as the rabi of rapping long before John Cena became the doctor of thuganomics.  Word life, I mean, biggin' it bo!

We had Reverend destruction, the WWE brought in Mordecai.  Both preach the Bible then pound people.  Reverend Destruction was around ages ago.

Guess what Jericho called Tyson Tomko to insult him?  That's right: Goat Boy.  Disgraceful really.  That they would take a perfectly serious (cough) name and turn it into an insult.  You're getting desperate WWE...

Ho Chi Minh was a lovely Vietcong leader in Vietnam.  Batista was a hated dictator on Cuba before Fidel Castro took over.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Team W.C.W. was being retarded, so WWE nicked the idea and brought you Eugene.  O.K. so he's probably just autistic, but please.

Murorga was really strange.  Then he became quite cool.  Then he returned to the old school Murorga in a big return.  A short while later, Undertaker returned to his former self.  Pathetic.


Just more proof that the WWE are threatened ny the BWF.  Sort of...