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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Recent and Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events



The final event before No Love Lost is coming soon.  The T Break will have special guest Suicidal Tendencies (that should be interesting as Suicidal can't talk), MC Pain will be taking on his No Love Lost opponent Eternal Darkness in a non-title match and Mutilator the Mutilator and Ace Lightning have an announcement (what joy).

No Love Lost


Summer's PPV is going to be the first one of the season.  Confirmed matches are Suicidal Tendencies Vs. Nelson FlashHeart for the hardcore title and Ho Chi Minh Vs. Escaped Convict for the BWF title!  Look out for more news on this exciting event.

Murorga Sim Bowa lifts Ho Chi Minh

Recent Events

The very first Mayhem and Carnage of the season have happened, and one Mayhem tape has been bought on eBay!  Both are on sale on eBay for a killer price!  The second and final Mayhem has also happened, and should be available on tape along with Carnage shortly.