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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Commissioner Jim/Bob

The commish

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 200 lbs
Hometown: His Office
Finsher: YOUR FIRED!
Disposition: Heel
Music: I Don't Suck
Titles Held: N/A

Commissioner Jim/Bob had been commissioner of the BWF longer than anyone can remember.  No one really knows how or why he is commissioner, he just is.  In the old days, no one could remember whether his name was JIm or Bob, so over time, he has become Jim/Bob.  One of the most hated people, he is constantly firing people, especially the commentators.  He has also formed 2 factions with Goat Boy, his former enemy: the NuW, and more recently, the Commissioner's Army.


Commissioner Jim/Bob: Nice to see my website is coming along well.  What do you mean, it's not mine?!  I made it!  What do you I didn't make it?!  YOUR FIRED!