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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Past Wrestlers

A page devoted to those who have fought in the BWF, and then left the BWF.

Over time there have been many superstars who have taken part in many memorable BWF moments and then have taken their leave due to injury, or any other easons.  In this page, we will be remembering those who have fought for the BWF, and then have left.  Who could forget the preachings of Reverend Destruction or the beatings that Mad Dog Mulone took?  How about Typhoon pouring water over himself or the wars that happened between Barbarian and IB Hardcore?  If you have forgotten, wel now is your chance to remember...

The Regurgitated Era
These people came into to the BWF during the regugitated era, and have since been fired
Crazy Goat: This madman came into the BWF with a vast array of high-flying and speedy moves.  Though not in the federation long enough to win any titles, many people fell victim to his FFB or Front Face Buster.  The Crazy One, who often gave the crowd a cheery smile or an overly cheesy thumbs up will be missed loads by the group of people often known as no one.
Typhoon: This mysterious character used to come out wearing a raincoat.  He would pour water over himself as part of his entrance.  Though it took him time to really portray his character properly, fans got to know him as the person who managed to nearly always get his "second wind" in order to win a match.
Tae Kwon Do: The martial arts master came out clad in his Tae Kwon Do clothing for his matches.  He used a buzzsaw kick to finish off opponents, and often used his tachnical mastery to destroy his opponents.
Barbarian: This crazed person who still lived in the Roman Empire period of history was a fierce competitor who mamed his opponents, especially I.B. Hardcore, with weaponry of all varieties.  Even his finisher, Thor's Hammer consisted of a weapon shot off the top rope.
I.B. Hardcore: This very strange yet extremely dangerous character was hardcore to the bone.  No one really knew what the I.B. stood for in his name, but guesses ranging from Ian Blyth to Iron Bull were taken.  His battle with Barbarian in CWF as well as BWF are stuff of "legend", and he will forever be forgotten as a hardcore great.
Mr Anus: This flubber-monster weighed 799 lbs and had an afro.  He was the alter-ego of Whiter T when he washed his hair with bad shampoo and therefore got depressed and ate loads, making him into the giant mass of flab known as the Anus.  Ace Lightning took the worst beating from him, ending up in hospital with all of his ribs broken at least twice and with poo on his face.

Elliott Smells:
These people were done by Elliott, who couldn't wrestle for beans.  None of them are missed.
Charles Montgomery Halliwell:  Came out to "It's Raining Men", this person carried with him a gameboy, and gave us constant updates on his progress at Pokémon.  No one liked him, though he was the first ever IC Title holder, in a massive upset victory over Ho Chi Minh.  Worst match ever.
Jim McKragat: Only wrestled a couple of times I think.  Elliott was kind of excluded and so needed a character to do a couple of matches.  He sucked.  Don't think he ever won.  Nope, can't remember anything else.  Just general bad memories.

General Cool People
These people actually are kinda missed due to the hilarity we had with them, especially on our "documentary", BWF Superstars Backstage:
Reverend Distruction: This hilarious preacher came out with his Bible and used to tell everyone how badly they had sinned.  He would then beat them into ablivion.  Sound familiar?  That's right, Mordecai.  Once again, the WWE have stolen from the BWF.  In "BWF Superstars Backstage" he was preaching to Murorga, who then hit him with a steel plate.  After a brief, "Owww", he carried on, much to the surprise of Murorga.  He hit him with the plate again.  After a slightly longer "OOOOWWWW..." he carried on preaching.  Murorga was so surprised that he left, but Reverend Destruction didn't notice, and carried on preaching.  Then Murorga ran in and belted him over the head with a steel plate.  At this, Reverend Destruction started crying.  Many hours have been spent laughing at this moment.  God bless that reverend.  He got paralysed by Nemisis.
Mad Dog Mulone: This man came out twice.  His first coming out was just about the funniest thing that you have ever seen.  In your life.  Ever.  It was actually hilarious to see this man poncing around being an idiot.  Murorga then gave him a beating so harsh that it left him paralysed down one side of the body.  Many moons later he came out and got a beating from the Escaped Convict.  This left him completely paralysed.  He hasn't been seen since.
Nemisis:  When this man came out everyone was scared because everything went into negative, and I promise that wasn't just a camera effect.  No really.  It wasn't.  OK, so it was.  Anyway, he was the commissioner's sidekick and pounded many people.  On BWF Superstars Backstage he was caught smelling a flower before bumping his knee, causing him to collapse in pain on the ground, begging for his mummy.  After this, the effect was kind of lost of him being a hardcore beating person.  He was fired eventually by the "board of governors".


What legends... sort of... well, not at all...