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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Feuds that have happened in the BWF:

Here are the feuds that have happened since the beginning of this season of BWF:

Nelson FlashHeart Vs Suicidal Tendencies Vs Cowboy
These three hardcore superstars have been feuding over the hardcore title all season.  Nelson was riginally screwed out of the title by Suicidal Tendencies and the Commissioner's Army, and then Cowboy had his title stripped and given back to Suicidal.

Scorpian Vs Phoenix
These two have always hated each other.  Phoenix managed to get 2 straight wins against Scorpian, enraging Scorpian in the process.  Since then, Scorpian has made the Commissioner force Phoenix to take on his friend Ho Chi Minh.

Whiter T Vs Goat Boy
These two have been constantly making fun of each other.  Goat Boy even made his own interview segment to rip-off the T Break.  Goat Boy, in fact, did one of the most sickening things ever witnessed in the BWF when he hit Whiter T with a packet of biscuits.  However, Whiter T has had the upper-hand as he has attacked Goat Boy by throwing tea in his eyes on one T Break.  However, Goat Boy got his revenge when he attacked Whiter T on the Goat Pen.

MC Pain Vs Eternal Darkness
MC Pain defeated Eternal Darkness, defending his IC Title, on the very first Mayhem of the season.  After the match though, Eternal Darkness attacked the MC, giving him a concussion.  When MC Pain returned, he again defeated Eternal Darkness, and got his measure of revenge when he hit the Flash Magic after the match.

Murorga Sim Bowa Vs Commissioner's Army
Since Murorga lost to the Escaped Convict, he couldn't get another title shot until he defeated all of the Commissioner's Army.  So far, he has defeated Goat Boy, Ace Lightning (who was a possible member) and Suicidal Tendencies.  Though this appears to be everyone, you can bet that Commissioner Jim/Bob has a trick or two up his sleeve.

Escaped Convict Vs Ho Chi Minh
Since Ho chi saved his friend Murorga from the hands of the Escaped Convict, he has been trying to make the Escaped Convict pay, as well as trying to get back the BWF title.  However, Escaped Convict has made life as difficult as possible for the Vietnamese.  First, he forced him to take on Grandpa, and after the match attacked Ho Chi with a steel plate.  Then, he made him take on his friend Phoenix.