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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Real Life

OK, god only knows why you could care about us, unless you are family and are reading simply to make us happy, because that's what this page is about.  Yes, that's right, the three blokes who "act" out the BWF.  Read on if you really want to but in reality, it aint half as interesting as it is in make-believe and that's saying something!

Why do we do it?


Very good question. What the hell drives us to dress up, hide behind a wall, turn on some music and leap out from behind the wall and proceed to throw each other around in front of a camera? Simple. Boredom. The epidemic disease of the youth. We have nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than pretend to be 6 or 7 ft tall and the weight of a small car and then pretend to fight and maim each other.

DOB: 16/01/87


Ed is the oldest and therefore the biggest and strongest of the three of us. His characters therefore are all tall and mainly do more lifting and dropping moves than the others. His main talent is picking people up either over or across his shoulders and can perform a wide variety of drops and slams from these positions. However, his characters also have a turn of athleticism (if you can call it that) about them as well, mainly MC Pain and Suicidal Tendencies. The MC does lots of kicks, which involve quite precise timing and control to make them look and sound good but not connect. Suicidal Tendencies' moves involve lots of jumping, flipping and missing and therefore some kind of gymnastic skill is required (admittedly a very small amount).

Not a fan of talking much on camera, Ed keeps any talking short and sharp, or incredibly sporadically in the case of MC Pain and Whiter T.



Murorga Sim Bowa was the first character that I invented. The name was Matt's idea and the original character was very random and wore a dressing gown, gasmask and a sock around his head...

MC Pain was my second idea. I hated garage and jungle music, so I invented the MC so that I could bust some rhymes in muchos exaggerated style, just for a laugh whilst filming. It's not hard.

Whiter T was a rip off of Booker T and so I stole his famous "5 times" and "Sucka" quotes all the time (famous to wrestling fans anyway).

Suicidal Tendencies was Will's idea originally when he was young and so we decided to invent him for real. It's hard work wrestling as him because he dresses in boiler suit...and never stops jumping, flipping and landing on his ass all the time.  Perfect really.

Will Gamester
Will Gamester
aka: Ho Chi Minh, Goat Boy, Nelson Flash-Hart, Ace Lightning, Scorpion

DOB: 01/05/89


Will is Ed's younger brother, younger by 2 years. He is therefore smaller and more agile than other characters. He is very high-flying, and is constantly pulling off head scissors, hurricaranas, deja vus, and the like. His main talents are roll-up pins where he can take people down from any angle, hook their legs and hold their shoulders down for the count. He therefore uses lots of roll-ups in his characters' move sets.  He also like bulldogs and facecrushers as well as "top-rope" offence when it is available. His characters vary from the Intense Scorpion to the bizarre Goat Boy and all have their own ways of acting. He likes submission moves because he is physically smaller than the other two and therefore cannot do so many lifting and slamming moves, or make his punches have as much impact, so he uses leg locks and armbars to get his point across.



It is tres tiring when you fight and sometimes you get un peut injured, but it is fun and that is wshat counts.  It's not like we get seriously injured.  Anyway, it is true that when you are fighting people like Ed and Matt you do have to try and be inventive in order to do moves.  However, I am gradually finiding it easier as I can now lift Matt and that allows my variety of moves to broaden. I like taking on Ed beacause he is powerful enough to spin me around so I can do tilt-a-whirl arm drags, etc.  Matt is fun to take on as he likes doing moves that need good selling, like flapjacks, which is fun.

Matt Bunn
Matt Bunn
aka: Escaped Convict, Eternal Darkness, Pheonix, Mutilator the Mutilator, The Commisioner

DOB: 09/05/89


Matt is Will's best mate and shares the Gamesters' passion for wrestling. Specialising in the bad guys, Matt's characters are generally evil.  Preferring punches, kicks, chops and clotheslines for his moves Matt's characters are the most hard-hitting of the lot and when combined with a turn of strength to life people for spinebusters and flapjacks, the Escaped Convict,. Eternal Darkness, Phoenix and Cowboy are awesome characters. Matt's speaking skills are outstanding and he can cut incredible promos in a seemingly feeble storyline and hype any old match to be a WrestleMania main event. Probably the best commentator of them all, Matt's colour commentary makes any match that Ed and Will are taking part in far more entertaining, although his yelling of "OH MY GOD!" has slowly driven Mrs. Gamester insane.


Well, back in the day, i had three pinnapples,,,,, wha?? Oh, wait wrong Box.  Well, anyhozle in the gozzle in the pozzle, shut up.  I like BWF, buhhhhh.  Yeah, BWF is mondo fun, what with the hilarity, the hardcore and the hitting.  Notice the three h's!!! Wrestling will, is like wrestling a cabbage, what with the unexpentancys and the sillyness.  And ed, ed is like "Hit me as hard as you can with a ladder!" Oh, the watchingness.  My parents absolutely hate wrestling, so this is a good form of refuge, and i get to do random commantry involving France, and people called Jamal, in conclusion.  BWF is graandddd dd dddd dd d. Fun, with a capital Q!