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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Contact Us

Scorn all you want, but we do have a fan. Yes, one. But we're always interested in getting more!


To contact us via e-mail, send your questions, requests, fan/hate mail etc to:

OR if that doesn't work, try, although I don't check it that often it's better thann nothing. Or e-mail us at our personal e-mail addresses.....which we won't put up here so that was realy pointless me mentioning it...................
We operate in an old, dusty gym in a school, so we don't have an address and theres no chance of home addresses or nuffin so......meh. Live with it.

Are You Tough Enough?


Are you tough enough to become a BWF superstar? Yes, you probably are. However, anybody interested in becoming a member of our "elite" federation should apply by e-mailing us. (Don't scorn we have had a request....we think he was mental) Hell, e-mail us anyway, it'll be a laugh....for us anyway!