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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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Murorga Sim Bowa




Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 305 lbs
Hometown: High Wycombe, England
Finsher: Murorga Power Slamma Jamma (F5), Murorga Power Slamma Jamma Version 2 (shoulder breaker), Goozle (Chokeslam), Murorga Power Slamma Jamma Version 3 (hook-leg powerbomb)
Trademark: Asylum Slam (swings oponent around his body until he slams them), Power Lift
Disposition: Face
Quote: Mmmmbooorraaagoooaaaagooooo (avec shaking of face)
Music: No Chance (Dope)
Titles Held: BWF, Intercontinental

MPSJ Version 3
Murorga catches Ho Chi Minh with Version 3

The Murorga lifts Scorpion high above his head!

Just before lift
Murorga prepares...

...and suceeds in lifting his opponent

This face-shaking giant is one of BWF's most loved and decorated superstars.  He comes to the ring clad in boxers (on his head), a gas mask and a trench coat.  Mainly uses power moves to destroy opponents.


Murorga: I am MMMMUUUUURRRRROOOOORRRRRRRGGGGGGAAAAAA and I am the best wrestler the federation has ever seen and will ever see.  That's if the federation had eyes...