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Backyard Wrestling Federation
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3. More stealing by WWE: see WWE Vs BWF page


Right then. Click away until you get bored then leave. I didn't ask you to come here, so don't get upset if you don't like what you see, but at the end of the day, accept's the best we can do with what we've got and it keeps us happy!

The site should have a load more pictures soon due to the getting a new digital camera by Ed for his birthday!  Rock on!


Sorry about not updating for a while, but what with Ed doing his AS levels, and Matt and Will doing their GCSEs (exams, for all you Americans) we haven't had any time to actually do it, let alone update our website.  However, if you give us time, all will be good.

Current BWF Champion:
BWF Champion
Escaped Convict

Current IC Champion:
IC Champion
MC Pain

Current Hardcore Champion:
Suicidal Tendencies

BEYOND THE PAIN BARRIER! See "News" for more details!